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Racers Guild DH Event - 24th May 2015 - Results

Date: 24-May-15
Course: Black
Conditions: Dry



Rank Number Rider Best Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1107Erika Exelby01:20.4201:20.4201:29.2601:56.37
DNS106Julie Fox    



Rank Number Rider Best Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1144Andy Hughes00:54.5000:54.5000:54.9200:54.63
2137Mike Taylor00:57.4000:58.8700:58.0200:57.40
3138Carl Teather00:58.1100:59.5300:58.1100:58.50
4129Anthony Smith01:01.5401:04.2601:01.6901:01.54
5125Carl Bloomfield01:02.0901:03.0801:16.2501:02.09
6133Stephen Hardcastle01:02.4901:03.2601:03.3001:02.49
7139Craig Tracey01:03.7501:05.0501:06.1601:03.75
8135Adam Harrison01:06.8101:07.9401:06.8101:07.00
9142John Young01:07.1801:08.3201:07.18 
10132James Hammerton01:07.7501:13.6401:10.1101:07.75
11136Jonny Pryce01:08.0301:08.0301:28.4601:08.94
12127Darren Colligan01:12.7001:12.7001:13.5101:19.91
13141Tim Warrender01:13.0101:13.01  



Rank Number Rider Best Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1214Nathan Foster00:54.3900:55.7200:55.4600:54.39
2193Josh Matthews00:57.5200:58.7000:57.7100:57.52
3207Jamie Wilson00:58.3001:00.6900:58.3001:07.51
4148Ralfs Bikernieks00:58.5501:00.0000:58.55 
5210Alex Worrall00:59.3201:00.0900:59.32 
6184Callum Brookes00:59.6501:01.2000:59.6500:59.88
7188Alec Henderson00:59.7201:01.3800:59.7201:01.27
8211Charlie Wright01:00.6201:02.5101:00.6201:00.72
9152Neil Farmery01:01.0901:05.1701:04.5601:01.09
10186Sam Clifton01:02.0301:02.6701:02.2201:02.03
11183Sam Bradley01:02.1901:03.7801:11.4401:02.19
12197Jon Morris01:02.2501:02.3001:02.9001:02.25
13187Michael Gibbs01:02.5601:02.56  
14195Christopher Morris01:03.2801:03.2801:10.47 
15185Dale Bult01:03.6301:03.6301:03.91 
16191Adam Lehir01:03.6401:05.2501:03.6401:03.71
17180David Bekesi01:05.1301:05.8301:05.1301:06.00
18192will marshall01:05.4201:05.6801:05.7501:05.42
19154Matt Hamer01:05.7401:05.7401:08.9601:07.41
20202James Poxon01:10.4601:12.1201:10.4601:10.65
21199Ryan Parker01:10.9001:11.1501:11.2901:10.90
22209Ben Wood01:11.1501:12.9001:11.15 
23182Tom Bowden-Eyre01:12.3101:12.4001:18.9801:12.31
24189William Hook01:13.4701:14.5901:14.8401:13.47
25190David Hughes01:23.1201:23.6301:23.1201:37.78
DNS194Ben Miller    
DNS205Jake whitehead    


Under 14

Rank Number Rider Best Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1103Connor Smith01:08.1701:09.0101:08.4201:08.17
2105Matthew Foster01:09.2101:10.1201:09.9601:09.21
3155Harry Lawley01:10.6001:10.6001:12.2201:12.19
4104Louie Smith01:15.5101:16.6601:15.5101:19.03
5102Keelan Hill01:26.9601:26.9601:28.6001:28.24


Under 18

Rank Number Rider Best Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1176Joel Rhodes-Patterson00:56.4900:58.8200:58.1500:56.49
2162Max Critchlow01:00.7701:03.5401:01.6001:00.77
3165Tom Herriott01:02.3601:02.8201:06.7501:02.36
4158Cuthbert Amos01:06.0201:08.0601:08.0001:06.02
5179James Digges-La-Touche01:07.3701:08.5001:10.0401:07.37
6163T-jay hammerton 01:09.3301:11.2501:09.3301:19.69
7160Harry Attwood01:10.5001:18.3001:11.0401:10.50
8161Martyn Cassell01:15.8701:19.4001:18.4201:15.87
9167Matthew Jones01:16.0701:22.5401:16.0701:21.56
DNS170Ossian Moss    
DNS172Ben Proctor    



Rank Number Rider Best Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1116Martin Creaser01:00.6701:02.4201:01.7501:00.67
2126Pete Barnden01:02.2501:02.25  
3122Mark Taylor01:07.0001:08.4401:07.0001:07.24
4123James Wallis01:22.4601:22.4601:25.18 
5121Kieron Hill01:22.8201:22.8201:23.02 
DNS113Chris Blake    

Racers Guild Squadron race report.

Pearce Cycles 2015 Downhill Series Rnd 1: Bringewood, 21st & 22nd March.

What can I say; despite it seeming like it would never arrive and that it was going to be winter forever – it did finally arrive. The first race of the 2015 series was here and the weather was mint too!

We have a slightly different race team for this year with a few familiar old faces and a few new faces too. The team lineup for this year was finally all together so I managed to get a team photo.

2015 Racers Guild Squadron Team
2015 Racers Guild Squadron Team

As I said the weather was sunny and mild but most importantly it was dry and it stayed dry all weekend so enough of the weather and the track conditions as they were ideal.

There was a degree of nervous relaxation evident from most of the team riders and this was heightened when track walks were completed. Dave Pearce and his team have been busy adding doubles and berms down the hill and despite running a recent uplift at Bringewood the track always looks different when it is taped.

The track was typical Bringewood: tight and twisty with so many trees and turns that it was too much effort to try and remember all of it but there were a few key 90 degree turns that really needed to be remembered.

Practice day

This went well for most of the team although I did have a nice lie down on the final tabletop, much to the surprise of fellow veteran rider Lee Pettitt who was airborne before he saw me having my afternoon nap! Joel R-P had left loads of time between dropping in behind us but was laughing like a loon when he ripped past us!

Nathan Foster was totally flying and was off smashing the ‘triple’ that was a double for most of us along with RG friends and elite riders Mitch Ingley and Eliott Machin.

Ben Lord and Oli Watson were both together (obviously) and I saw them looking very smooth through the woods all weekend. Newly promoted master rider, Andy Hughes, was typically stoic all weekend but was certainly looking fast and comfortable aboard his new bike. He said he was chuffed to be back with a full season ahead of him after work and lifestuff meant not so much racing for him last year.

Little Matti Foster was having a blast on the bigger sections but he said he was struggling through the trees. This wasn’t what Lee and I saw when we watched him smoothly doubling and pumping through the woods – he was certainly getting some nice flow on.

For this weekend I was running a new Works 36T Thick Thin ring on my new 2015 Nukeproof Pulse both supplied by team sponsor Rick and after trying it up The Cop a couple of times I was running the chainring without a bottom roller. I had fitted an XC top guide just to be sure and because the clutch on my rear mech is well worn.

It was testament to the quality of the Works Components rings because I never lost the chain once during practice or race runs. A new mech is on the way and then the top guide is coming off too.

Works Components Thick Thin Chainring
Works Components Thick Thin Chainring
Nukeproof Pulse
Nukeproof Pulse

Race runs:

I can’t really report too much detail about anybody else’s race runs but can say that the team did extremely well across the board.

Ben and Oli were once again inseparable coming in 6th and 9th on the first run and finishing 4th and 5th overall. It should be noted that Ben was actually 3rd fastest and on the second run and Oli was 4th which will give the lads some decent points in the overall standings.

Andy was not seeded very well on the first run and caught 2 riders up but he was seeded better for the second run and did the team proud finishing in a very creditable 10th. Who knows what might have been had the first run seeding been more favourable.

Joel R-P did some tree hugging on his first run but his second run was much better and moved him from 18th up to 12th overall.

Nathan almost cracked a smile (sorry Nath!) despite being very fast in a toughly contested category and was bumped back from 5th on his first run to 6th after the second.

My first run seemed slow but was probably just smooth but I was pleased with 11th place, my second run was ragged and felt faster but was slower and I bumped back to 12th although I was very pleased to see I was 2nd fastest through the speed trap in vets.

Lee was a bit disappointed with his first run time and was going to smash his second run. This is something we know he is capable of after a great 2nd place last year at Moelfre’s Midlands Champs but despite this Lee was only one second quicker and finished 16th. Veterans will be a tough category this year as some fast masters have moved up.

Matti was very consistent on both runs and has loads to build on as the season progresses. He needs to remember that this is his first race and race season and that the other riders in his category have been about for a number of years.

5 top 10 results, 2 top 15 results and 1 just outside at 16th.

All riders in the top 20 at one of the most popular race series is a top result. Well done guys.

Oh yeah and did I mention I was 2nd fastest through the speed trap in veterans! I’m putting that in there for the record Lee.

Mick Whyte leaning in on his race run
Mick Whyte leaning in on his race run

Veterans: Mick Whyte – 12th, Lee Pettitt – 16th
Masters: Andy Hughes – 10th
Seniors: Ben Lord – 4th, Oli Watson – 5th
Juniors: Nathan Foster – 6th, Joel Rhodes-Patterson – 12th
Juveniles: Matti Foster – 7th