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Racers Guild DH Event - 29th March 2015

Event Details

RG DH is a timed downhill event and recommended for experienced downhill mountain bike riders. A suitable full face helmet and bar end plugs are mandatory but body armour is also recommended. Timing is recorded using synchronised stop watches and clocks at the top and bottom of the hill although we are developing an electronic timing gate system as we speak, so by the time you read this we may have a slightly improved set up. There is a 1 minute gap between riders and all riders get 2 race runs only. We operate a 5 second countdown start but please take note of your start times and be at the start 5 minutes beforehand.

If a rider has a genuine red flag they will get a re-run. Mechanicals and punctures and dropped chains do not count as red flags and do not qualify for a re-run.

Race Categories:

Age categories apply for your age at your next birthday from 1st January to 31st December 2015. For example, if you are 13 today but 14 at any point this year then you are in the 14-17 year old category and not U14’s.

Under 14’s (Juveniles) £10

10 to 13 years old. A parent or guardian must be present at sign in.

Youth/Junior £10

14 to 17 years old. A parent or guardian must be present at sign in.

Senior £15

18 to 29 years old.

Master £15

30 to 39 years old.

Veteran £15

40 years old plus.

Ladies £15

Online entry is available on the British Cycling/events Website. Please note there is an additional £1 charge by BC for this service.

Event Program:

  • 8.0amtill 10pm – Course closed to bikes but open for a course inspection on foot. DO NOT RIDE DOWN IN ANY MANNER.
  • 10.0 till 10.30am – On the day registration and sign-in for pre-entered riders.
  • 10.0 till 11.55am – Course is open for practice to riders who have signed on and have their number board attached to the front of the bike.
  • 11.55 till 12.0pm – Course closed.
  • 12.0pm till 3.30pm – Race runs. We have a limited number of slots for racing so don’t be late!
  • 3.45pm – Prizes and podium time!
  • 4.0pm – Gate closed. Go home, drive/ride safe, see you next time, thanks for coming.

All times are approximate and subject to change throughout the day.

General Information

Organisers: Mick Whyte and Harry Clark. Mick usually at sign in and at start, Harry usually at sign in and at finish.

First aid: We have at least 1 certified first aider on site at all times so if you require any first aid ask any marshal (identified with hi viz) or Mick at the top or Harry at the bottom.

Facilities: Not much at the minute! Toilets are located at Birches Valley visitor centre or at the bottom of the hill into Rugeley. Food and drink is also best purchased on your way here or alternatively in Rugeley.

Cancellations: The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event at any time if it is felt that there are circumstances that cannot permit the event to continue safely. The organisers also reserve the right to disqualify or remove from the event any rider who is not complying with the event rules or in the spirit of the event or who is endangering themselves or others. Keep your eye on the ‘Racers Guild of Cannock Chase’ facebook page and the RacersGuild.co.uk web page for details and updates.

Refunds: Refunds are at the discretion of the organisers. If due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers the event is cancelled all participants who have entered, at that point, will be automatically transferred into the next RG event. The organisers decision is final.

January 2015 Downhill Event - Results

Date: 25-Jan-14
Course: Red Run
Conditions: Cold, slightly damp


Youth (15 and under)

Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Best
11033Tom Herriot 01:31.701:29.001:29.0
21043T-jay Hammerton 01:33.701:33.201:33.2
31036Harry Attwood 01:33.701:34.101:33.7
41037James Dlt 01:44.201:34.701:34.7
51032Matt Jones 01:36.401:35.001:35.0
61042Wayne Hopcott 01:35.601:35.501:35.5
71034Ossian Moss 01:36.701:35.801:35.8
81038Harry Lawley 01:39.801:36.701:36.7
91041James Simpson 01:38.601:58.601:38.6
101035Richard Cross 01:50.301:39.301:39.3
111031Mattie Foster 01:43.701:42.901:42.9
121039Mattie Stewart 01:43.801:42.901:42.9
131040Nathan Hill 01:55.202:25.301:55.2


Senior (16-39)

Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Best
1103Ollie Watson 01:16.601:14.701:14.7
2225Mitch Ingley 01:15.000:00.001:15.0
3108Glen Coe 01:17.001:16.101:16.1
4102Nathan Foster 01:18.401:16.201:16.2
5185Peter Lloyd 01:16.401:16.901:16.4
6139Adam Halling 01:16.701:17.101:16.7
7105Joel Rhodes-patterson 01:17.401:16.901:16.9
8214Mike Taylor 01:17.001:16.901:16.9
9166Josh Mathews 01:19.401:18.101:18.1
10217Alan Whitelaw 01:18.501:19.301:18.5
11135Louis Morris 01:19.901:19.001:19.0
12104Andy Hughes (Rg)01:19.001:19.001:19.0
13154Dan Macphee 01:21.901:19.101:19.1
14210Will Langley 01:23.201:20.001:20.0
15209Mark Roberts 01:20.100:00.001:20.1
16114Adam Coxon 01:20.501:20.701:20.5
17107Chris Genner 01:21.301:20.601:20.6
18165Alex Henderson 01:21.401:21.801:21.4
19172Jamie Wilson 01:21.801:21.701:21.7
20115Josh Lloyd 01:22.501:22.101:22.1
21183Elliot Turton 01:23.001:22.601:22.6
22167Dave Beaver 01:22.801:22.701:22.7
23116Barny Blackett 01:22.801:27.101:22.8
24164Charlie Wright 01:23.101:24.101:23.1
25222Pete Barnden 01:23.301:23.801:23.3
26118Adam Green 01:23.501:25.901:23.5
27119Max Reynolds 01:24.701:23.701:23.7
28146Jack Sprogis 01:23.801:42.701:23.8
29162Dave Thorley 01:25.801:24.001:24.0
30226Robert Glover 01:40.601:24.101:24.1
31180Robert Cook 01:30.701:24.401:24.4
32158Jake Whitehead 01:24.501:25.701:24.5
33175Dominic Mallet 01:24.901:24.501:24.5
34178Alyn Pawlin 01:24.601:26.101:24.6
35132Lee Richards 01:24.801:28.201:24.8
36148Olivor Dale 01:25.301:25.001:25.0
37219Alex Worrell 01:25.301:25.001:25.0
38181Leigh Pickett 01:25.001:25.201:25.0
39133Alan Palmer 01:26.901:25.101:25.1
40205Dan Parsons 01:25.200:00.001:25.2
41202Nathan Fullwood 01:25.300:00.001:25.3
42187Mike Gibbs 01:26.201:25.401:25.4
43207Sean Bacon 01:25.400:00.001:25.4
44182Darren Russon 01:25.601:26.201:25.6
45156Max Critchlow 01:29.401:25.801:25.8
46142Dave Lawley 01:25.901:26.401:25.9
47161Jamie Stewart 01:26.401:26.101:26.1
48177Ian Rankin 01:26.301:26.201:26.2
49189Ben Hopcott 01:27.101:26.501:26.5
50212Paul Ahern 01:26.801:26.901:26.8
51106Karl Payne 01:27.501:27.001:27.0
52159Dave Bekesi 01:27.201:28.701:27.2
53186Tom Coston 01:29.801:27.201:27.2
54137Adam Sheffield 00:00.001:27.901:27.9
55176Chris Morris 01:28.201:31.701:28.2
56170Craig Tracey 01:28.401:28.801:28.4
57121Shaun Vary 01:28.400:00.001:28.4
58155Will Marshall 01:28.501:30.001:28.5
59163Guy Priest 01:29.501:28.901:28.9
60122Jon Potts 01:29.201:30.001:29.2
61184Marcin Schab 01:30.601:30.001:30.0
62215Matt Dean 01:30.101:30.901:30.1
63113Ben Proctor 01:30.201:36.701:30.2
64141Adam Miller 01:30.401:38.501:30.4
65152Nathan Edwards 01:30.400:00.001:30.4
66144Matt Hamer 01:32.001:30.801:30.8
67123Nolan Reynolds 01:30.800:00.001:30.8
68173Dominic Thornwell 01:47.901:31.301:31.3
69216Jonny Shackers 01:32.101:35.501:32.1
70221Ryan Faultess 01:33.101:32.601:32.6
71127Kevin Mcmaster 01:32.701:35.201:32.7
72136William Robbins 01:33.201:33.601:33.2
73126Robert Mclure 01:33.501:33.701:33.5
74224Geoff Germaney 01:33.700:00.001:33.7
75188Steven Owen 01:35.601:34.201:34.2
76125Luke Johnston 01:35.001:34.301:34.3
77220Dan Pascoe 01:40.501:34.501:34.5
78160Jake Garbett 01:35.501:35.601:35.5
79138Jamie Thorne 01:36.301:35.601:35.6
80129Ian Davies 01:35.701:37.501:35.7
81213Rob Night 01:39.801:38.401:38.4
82211Robin Langley 01:42.901:40.901:40.9
83169Steve Pinnell 01:44.901:52.501:44.9
84179Mathew Melsome-smith 01:56.701:57.901:56.7


Veterans (40+)

Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Best
11005Rich King 01:21.601:20.701:20.7
21001Lee Petit 01:22.001:41.401:22.0
31004Mark Taylor 01:25.201:25.101:25.1
41003Jason Collier 01:27.001:28.001:27.0
51008John Hewitt 01:27.201:28.301:27.2
61007Richard Tune 01:28.801:28.501:28.5
71002Tim Upston 01:32.101:44.101:32.1
81006Jason France 01:42.200:00.001:42.2
9174Nigel Wilson 01:44.301:44.201:44.2



Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Best
11022Caroline Heathcote 01:34.801:32.801:32.8
21021Sarah King 01:44.401:44.301:44.3


Summary of All Runs

Slowest Time:2.25.9
Average Time:1.29.8
Total # Riders:108

Summary of Best Runs

Fastest Time:1.14.7
Average Best Time:1.28.3

Racers Guild DH Event - 25th January 2015

The second RG event in our new format will be held Sun 25th Jan @ Stile Cop.

Simple grass roots DH fun, just 3 main categories. U16's, Senior & over 40's.
Women will all run in the same cat. Minimum 2 timed runs per rider, max 100 riders.

Prizes (TBC): Under 16's - £10 per rider, All others £15.00

The last event was a big success with over 75 riders entering. Traditionally January is the busiest event all season. With this in mind, please note that sign on is on the day only (10-10.30am).


Gates open 9:00am
Sign on 10:00am
Sign on closes 10:30am
or when the queue clears
Free practice
(full runs only)
10:00 - 11:50am
Timing 12:00 - 15:00pm
Podiums 15:30pm
Gates Close 16:00pm

Important Info

If you want to park on site make sure your vehicle is fully off the fire road. Failure to do this may mean the event is delayed or cancelled. If there is not enough room on site, there is plenty of parking available on the other side of Stile Cop Road and there is also the lower layby.

The track will be confirmed the night before the event.

Full face helmet and bar end plugs mandatory and you bike must be in good working order.

Racers Guild DH Event - 13 thDecember 2014

Date: 13-Dec-14
Course: Ridge-Wood
Conditions: Cold, frosty but dry



Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Best
1176Lindsay Hanley01:14.601:16.2  01:14.6
2166Marieke Vasselor01:43.001:48.4  01:43.0


Youth (15 and under)

Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Best
1219Ossian Moss01:15.201:14.2  01:14.2
2214Harry Attwood01:17.501:15.6  01:15.6
3212Wayne Hopcott01:16.301:17.2  01:16.3
4210Matthew Foster01:16.501:16.701:17.7 01:16.5
5216James DLT01:17.501:18.0  01:17.5
6217Richard Cross01:32.701:21.8  01:21.8
7211Louie Smith01:24.801:23.9  01:23.9
8207Nathan Hill01:54.002:03.5  01:54.0


Senior (16-39)

Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Best
1160Harry Heath00:55.600:54.2  00:54.2
2107Jack Senior00:55.700:57.301:11.8 00:55.7
3163Nathan Foster00:56.000:59.101:08.700:56.600:56.0
4188Carl Teather00:56.100:57.8  00:56.1
5102Andy Hughes00:56.800:57.600:59.5 00:56.8
6189Oli Watson00:57.400:57.000:58.300:59.000:57.0
7162Joel Rhodes-Patterson00:58.500:57.600:57.1 00:57.1
8103Adam Halling00:58.400:57.300:58.5 00:57.3
9113Ben Lord00:58.900:57.500:58.1 00:57.5
10104Conor Martin01:04.100:57.701:04.2 00:57.7
11121Barney Blackett00:59.900:59.6  00:59.6
12105Alex Harper01:00.600:59.901:00.7 00:59.9
13136Ryan Dutton01:02.701:00.3  01:00.3
14108Sam Faux01:01.201:03.701:00.7 01:00.7
14132John Uniacke01:02.401:06.401:00.7 01:00.7
14173James Vukelic01:00.701:02.2  01:00.7
17127Mike Shaw01:02.501:00.801:01.4 01:00.8
18122Tim Aldridge01:01.801:01.201:02.4 01:01.2
19115James Wilson01:02.801:01.801:01.5 01:01.5
19144Robert Cook01:04.701:02.501:01.5 01:01.5
21181Anthony Smith01:02.101:03.0  01:02.1
22155Marcin Schab01:04.301:02.301:11.5 01:02.3
23125Max Reynolds 01:02.401:16.2 01:02.4
24116Chris Genner01:04.201:03.1  01:03.1
24185Stephen Hardcastle01:04.001:03.1  01:03.1
26129Jason Taylor01:06.401:03.201:03.4 01:03.2
27133Paul McPherson01:03.4   01:03.4
27138Oliver Dale01:03.801:03.401:04.2 01:03.4
29142Elliot Turton01:07.301:03.801:04.2 01:03.8
30114Dave Beaver01:11.901:04.901:06.1 01:04.9
31184Luke Weston01:05.601:24.2  01:05.6
32161Jack Spours01:05.701:09.2  01:05.7
32172Neil Farmery01:07.101:05.701:07.8 01:05.7
34139Dave Thorley01:06.701:06.0  01:06.0
35183Patrick O'Haloran-Brown01:09.301:06.4  01:06.4
36186Adam Harrison01:06.801:09.6  01:06.8
37106Stacey Abbott01:07.301:09.401:13.1 01:07.3
38119Adam Green01:07.501:21.1  01:07.5
39154Mick Jones01:09.801:07.701:13.0 01:07.7
40118Karl Payne01:08.801:08.2  01:08.2
41179Matt Dean01:08.3   01:08.3
42146Darren Russon01:08.401:09.0  01:08.4
42167Ian Rankin01:10.501:08.4  01:08.4
44165Christopher Morris01:10.501:08.7  01:08.7
45164Ben Hopcott01:10.801:08.8  01:08.8
46159Michael Thackwray01:09.4   01:09.4
47158Mark Timms01:09.901:11.6  01:09.9
48175Alan Palmer01:12.301:10.0  01:10.0
49178Liam Jones01:10.401:23.9  01:10.4
50141Eddie Hibberts01:12.201:10.5  01:10.5
51126Shaun Vary01:14.101:10.701:10.7 01:10.7
52177Glynn Fletcher01:10.801:11.5  01:10.8
53170Tom Roves01:11.8   01:11.8
54137Tim Birtwistle01:25.101:18.0  01:18.0
54182Chris Maddox01:18.001:21.8  01:18.0
56180Johnny Shackers01:18.201:18.3  01:18.2
57156Martyn Lloyd01:18.3   01:18.3
57187Jonny Pryce01:23.601:18.3  01:18.3
59174Will Robins01:18.501:28.1  01:18.5
60135Bradley Holland01:19.501:19.9  01:19.5

Veterans (40+)

Rank Number Rider Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Best
1213Martin Creaser01:02.601:02.3  01:02.3
2148Jason France01:08.801:08.501:09.2 01:08.5
3202Tim Upston01:10.701:09.6  01:09.6
4215Mark Taylor01:10.001:11.0  01:10.0
5205Kevin Lewis01:13.8   01:13.8

Summary of All Runs

Slowest Time:2.03.5
Average Time:1.08.7
Total # Riders:75

Summary of Best Runs

Fastest Time:0.54.2
Average Best Time:1.07.6